Wiring tool

Crimping tool: press tongs, crimpers, press PGR

RJ Crimp Tools

Strippers for stripping insulation and sheathing of power cables

Tools and related products for installation

Crimping pliers for pin ferrules

Shears for cutting cables, ropes and fittings

Manual and hydraulic wire rope cutters for cutting steel cables

Strippers for network work

Crimping pliers and crimpers for insulated and non-insulated ferrules

Sector scissors (NS scissors)

XLPE cable strippers

Hydraulic and battery presses for crimping tips

Shears for cutting wires and cables (cable cutters)

Stripping tool

Electrician's knives for stripping insulation

Mechanical presses for crimping power tips and sleeves

Bolt cutters, rebar cutters, nut cutters

Wire strippers

Hole punching tool

Shinogibs, shinorez, shinodyrs

Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic pumps (pumps)

Dielectric instrument

Fitter's tool

Bags, belts and tool kits

Tool for shrinking and installing couplings