Ryazan Plant for Manufacture of Cable Accessories (OOO Ryazanskiy Zavod Kabelnoy Armatury (RZKA))

For twenty years, our company has been a reliable supplier of cable accessories. Over this time, we have expanded our product range, introduced technological innovations, and established a dealer network in Russia and neighboring countries.

We manufacture cable joints of various standard sizes (STp; KVTp, KNTp, etc.), flexible metal conduits (RZ TSK, PVC), cable tools (cable presses, cutters, and strippers etc.), caution and barrier tapes, heat shrink tubing (TUT), and much more.

In spring 2012, Ryazan Plant for Manufacture of Cable Accessories became a member of Transformer Group (hereinafter referred to as “Transformer”) specializing in the production of transformers and substations, which allowed us to expand the product range offered by the plant.

Premises of the Ryazan plant now house facilities for the production of Class 1 power transformers, rated for up to 250 kVA, and kiosk type substations. The establishment of a new line of activity at the Ryazan plant was an important milestone not only for RZKA but for the entire Ryazan oblast welcoming its first enterprise of such kind. Now Ryazan will have its local transformer equipment specialists.

Having joined Transformer Group, RZKA also provided local citizens with an opportunity to master advanced urban infrastructure development processes employing the use of Transformer monolithic concrete modules designed for communication and engineering purposes. Ryazan Plant for Manufacture of Cable Accessories supplies consumables for cable joints (solders, filling compounds, resin tapes, and much more), all of which you can buy at the manufacturer's prices. There are no “small” orders for us: we are ready to ship any product, be it a single cable joint or several meters of heat shrink tubing, straight from the factory.

Wholesale buyers will receive discounts, the amount of which directly depends on the volume of purchases. Each partner company will have an assigned manager who will help get familiar with the product range and give consultations on the products of interest. We provide a full package of accompanying documents for all cable joints, transformers, and other products of Ryazan Plant for Manufacture of Cable Accessories. At the moment, our fine-tuned shipment logistics allow us to deliver our products by various modes of transport to any region in Russia; the cable joints can be delivered both by motor, railway, and customer's vehicles as well as by our own vehicles. The products can be dispatched from our warehouses in Ryazan and Moscow.