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Ryazan Cable Fittings Plant

For twenty years our company has been a reliable supplier of cable accessories.
During this time, the range of products has been expanded, technological innovations have been introduced and a dealer network has been deployed in Russia and neighboring countries.
Our products are cable sleeves of various standard sizes (STp; KVTp, KNTp, etc.), metal hose (RZ TsKh, PVC), electrical installation tools (presses, cable knife, etc.), signal and protective tapes, heat-shrinkable tube HERE and much more.

In the spring of 2012, Ryazan Cable Fittings Plant LLC entered the composition - the production of transformers and substations, which expand the range of products offered by the plant.

On the basis of the Ryazan plant, the production of power transformers of the first dimension with a capacity of up to 250 kVA and "kiosk" type substations (KTPN) has been established. The organization of a new direction at the Ryazan plant has become a significant event not only for RZKA, but also for the entire Ryazan region, because there are currently no such enterprises here. Now Ryazan will have its own transformers.

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